Careful it’s hot!

So we’re still struggling with the world pandemic Covid, with alot of us working from home or still off work, schools are also closed.

It’s August and the temp’s outside are in their 30’s! what better time to get out and go fishing or is it?

Well yes lets not be party pooper’s, we should be outside enjoying being by the waterside whether that be in the countryside or on a city canal.

There’s a few things we really need to think about with the heat, and that’s not just making sure we ourselves have plenty to drink a good quality sun screen, hat and sun glasses.

We need to think about the fish themselves.

During hot weather oxygen levels in the water drop, basically meaning fish will have less air to breath. The bigger the fish the more they will be effected by the lower oxygen levels.

There’s quite a lot to this subject so here’s a fantastic article from the Angling Trust about the effects of hot and cold weathers on fish.

How does water temperature effect fish and fishing

Stay safe folks


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