A Pint with Friends

A pint with friends 2020

2020 see’s our popular evening event back!

So what is a pint with friends? We all love shows, but they do tend to be a disappointment. Rammed with people so trying to get to view (let alone hold) that prize bit of kit you’ve been hankering after is basically impossible. You’d love to talk to some of the stars in fishing, but they’re on a stage in the distance and you can’t hear what their saying.  That’s no good is it!

So – picture this! You’re stood in a nice country pub with a pint talking fishing face to face with someone you follow in the mag’s like Jamie Wilde.  What’s more there’s loads of kit there to touch and hold, you can ask questions about that pole or rod with the guys that using them day in day out.

A pint with friends is relaxed with food beer and fishing!

A “Natural Venues” special this year.  Talk poles, rods, groundbaits and terminal gear to suit rivers and canals.  With a bit of commercial gear thrown in for good measure.

In association with Soar Tackle and Colmic UK

Featuring Colmic UK, and guests (to be annouced)

When and where is it?

4th June 2020 6pm -10pm

The Kings Head pub, Sutton Bonington LE12 5PE

It’s FREE!

Don’t forget to pass the word!

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