Two generations of Middy Tackles distance feeder rods, Side by side.

A recent visit to Middy Tackle to check out their new Reactacore poles

In these modern times of what seems to be more catch the angler than the fish, here's a bit of kit well worth investing in. The times I've struggled to collect water for mixing groundbait or even for washing my hands through out the day. Hanging over platforms, dangling over high banks on the river... Continue Reading →

These line cutters from Colmic are great, you may say but it can't be any different to any ones else's line cutters. True but I have to say I have found these far better made and a better size. The blades are bang on in a line with each other and very sharp meaning you... Continue Reading →

These new Compacta method moulds from Middy Tackle are a cracking idea. Simply load with your chosen method mix press in your flat method feeder press the button on the top and its done. I hear some of you moaning yet another gimmick to catch the angler! But I have to disagree with you. Loads... Continue Reading →

So some weeks ago Roy Marlow called in the shop, not that this unusual as he often calls by for a Brew. I need you to check something out for me Scott. "Err yeah no worries what we got" From a stuffy bag Roy brings out a mixture of bottles and pump spray bottles with... Continue Reading →

Middy tackle have been around for quite some time now, in fact they been around for 45 years or more. Having stood the test of time with the ever changing world of angling Middy still have a massive following, ourselves included. 2015 see's Middy launch some very interesting new products including their much talked about... Continue Reading →

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