2016 draws to a close

With Christmas only days away and 2017 a little over a week away, it seems like 2016 has gone with in a blink of and eye.

We’re starting our wind down towards our annual break and are we looking forward to it I can tell you.

2016 has been an exciting year with things like the Colmic Soar Tackle team plus a few other individuals fishing for us in the Middy lake view tournaments both doing really well. Fishing with and against some of the best anglers in the country has been an amazing experience and what a great bunch.

So what is planned for 2017 well lots really. Why not come and join us with the Kings Head AC and get out on the banks for some light-hearted match fishing. From here we are also looking to bring new anglers through the ranks in to the Colmic team.

With late winter river matchs starting Jan 29th there are a few places left so be sure to get your name down.

June will see the annual Soar Tackle ‘A pint with friends’ road show and your going to love what we’ve got planned for 2017. All ready for the open river season, get your hands on some amazing kit, meet the pro’s ask the questions. In an amazing location see first hand how they actually set up and tackle the river Soar. Not to be missed, Watch out for future information.

We’ve new and exciting ranges coming to the shop and I’ve got to get my building head on to make some major changers in Jan / Feb.

Don’t forget to pop in to the shop on Christmas eve and have a beer and a few mince pies on us until 4pm.

With an exciting New Year a head we will be off on our holidays from the 30th Dec and back open on the 14th Jan.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New Year

Scott & Kath


Colmics new F66 Airon

A sneaky peek at Colmics new F66 Airon Pole

It’s always great to see new products, but when Shaun from Colmic UK came in to the shop the other day to talk about our team I thought all my Christmas’s had come at once when he stood a new F66 Airon pole against the shop counter.

Now I’m no pole angler but wow this thing is not only in a different league to my Middy XM10 it’s on a different plant!

With all the usual features you’d expect from a pole of this quality like Joint line markers reinforced butts and much more. The F66 is classed as an all round pole being aimed at the Silvers angler that needs the extra confidence in their pole if that bonus Barbel or Carp should come along.

At 16 mtr it’s surprisingly well balanced and near arrow straight, But to me at 14.5 and 13 mtr is it’s sweet spot. Being able to hold the pole comfortably in one hand makes feeding an easy thing to do. With next to no bounce but when it does the tip recovers incredibly quick, so taping a few pellets doesn’t mean dumping the whole pot or worse still firing them out all over the place on the rebound.

Colmic have put together two packages one being the pole on it’s own or the full package which comes with 9 top kits a cupping kit and more. Top kits are 2.75 mtr.

An up grade on the F44 and F33 Airon poles the F66 is worth a look at if your after a match pole that is not a carp pole trying to be a match pole.

Available in early 2017, Expect prices to be around £2999 for the full package.


Shop re-vamp

So since mid Jan we’ve start a major revamp of the shop.
As March see’s the start of the shops third year we badly needed a freshen up and a move around to allow for more stock & a better shopping experience.

  • image image image image image image image image
    The bait and match areas were our main concentration to start with.

Better shelving and move the fridge down the shop to open the area up.

This year will see our own bait range back after a few years lay off so the extra space will allow us to do this.

The Match wall has been pulled apart and expanded with far better display’s making it even easier to spot that item your after.

Things are coming along well but still loads to do, one half is very near done with the specimen side getting the same treatment over the next week or so.

Off to the show we go

Early July see the annual Rempstone Steam & Country show arrive. I’ve been attending this show since knee high to a grass hopper but this would be the first year for the shop.
Thursday evening saw us putting up the marquee

After a late finish thankfully the beer tent was open.
Friday was going to be a long busy day, while keeping the shop running friends and family ferried stock up to the show ground. By late afternoon the shop was looking a bit empty!
Up very early Saturday morning to open the shop up for 7:30
Was nice to watch them flight an air balloon out of the show ring at around 5:30 / 6am

Shop opened at 7:30 and with friends running it back off to the show i went to help Kath put the final touchs to the stand.

OMG it’s hot unbelievably hot, but the stand looks great.10464096_786276611434554_2342735195275526451_n
One very hot day time for the beer tent

So Monday soon around and start packing up.

A great weekend talking about fishing to loads of people.

Next stop Sutton Bonington show in September

Surprise on a Thursday morning

Well that was an interesting start to the day.

Just had a meeting with the CEO and sales supervisor of Marukyu Uk Plus get this the, I say the.
‘Executive Director and the Administration Chief of Marukyu Japan’ How cool is that.

Have to say you really do need to watch Marukyu this year if you thought the Credence Corn was good OMG you ain’t seen nothing yet.
And yes i’ll be out putting it though the mill on the rivers in the new season.
Also had a good look at the new Rig Marole gear the hooks are proper spot on.
And Strangely enough Chapelbaits, Bit odd this one as those that have non me for a while will know my connections with Chapel from years back, bit spooky.