When We Can Fish Again

The Angling Trust has been working hard to loby the Government that when the 'time is right' that there could be some form of relaxing of restrictions on fishing. 

We all enjoy our fishing, yet it can be a struggle to find out information and get a little help. YouTube and magazines are all well and good, but they can never beat face to face hands on help.

A hard league with the weather against you most of the time but hats off to the lads that set it up and run it, thank you Browning Central really enjoyed it.

So what is a pint with friends? Picture this your stood in a nice country pub with a pint talking fishing face to face with someone you follow in the mag's

One thing match fishing taught me and that is 'preparation'  It's no good trying to get stuff ready the night before!

Next thing I knew he was trying to swing a big Perch in! " Hang on ! no don't swing that in as I gabbed for the landing net!.

Taking the kids fishing is a fantastic way for everyone to enjoy and learn about the countryside as well as the rivers, canal and streams that run through urban towns and cities. Getting out fishing is far easier than you think but where do you start?

Then there's the anglers that seem to jump ship all the time still claiming what they're using is the best, 'but you said x was the best company last year'!. How can we believe what they say?.

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