‘I’ve just fished a section with a dozen other anglers smashing the hell out of the frozen surface’


But the rivers are dead now or are they? or is it more we just don't know how to fish them in these modern times.

Pegging out and one muddy little helper

Pole Float Confusion?

Confused? It's not surprising with the vast array of pole floats out there to temped you, and if your like me you just can't help yourself. 'you can never have enough floats'. There are loads of ready-made rigs out there these day's many of which are really good the Middy X5 range are some of... Continue Reading →

Quick Fire FAQ's and Tips Do I need a rod licence? If you are aged 12 and above you will need a rod licence, available to purchase from the Post Office or online. Don't forget a rod licence does not entitle you to fish anywhere. Many waters are club / society controlled. Good Tackle shops... Continue Reading →

Micro pellets an anglers best friend. Whether your a match angler, specimen hunter or just a causal pleasure angler today's modern fisheries are hooked on pellets. Whether your using them as hook baits or lose feed, pellets should be apart of your bait armory. I myself use 2mm aka micros a lot on commercial type... Continue Reading →

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