River Soar Monday Opens

River Soar Opens

Monday open matchs, have you got on them yet?

2022 Season

Following on from a very successful 2020 season we will be running the same event in 2022.

A less competitive open set on the beautiful river soar, known for its Roach fishing it also holds huge Perch and Bream. All angling abilites are welcome, so why not come and join us!

Each round is held on the River Soar using sections around Zouch, Sutton Bonington and Kegworth.

Access is pretty good on these sections especially Soar Lane at Sutton Bonington. Which is the area that will be mainly used during the Autumn and winter months.

Entry fee’s are £15

9:30am draw fish 11:30 – 4:30pm

Max of 20 pegs

Pay outs for section wins and framed

Matches will run every other Monday starting from June 21st. Missing out any bank holiday Mondays.

2020 saw some tremendous weights with up to 44lb of Bream from one section at Zouch and plenty of good back up weights.

Sutton Bonington Playing fields has seen weights of 15lb of Bream and double figure Roach weights off of more than one peg.

Want to know more? then get in touch.

Tel: 01509 670436

Email: scott@soartackle.co.uk

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