In these modern times of what seems to be more catch the angler than the fish, here's a bit of kit well worth investing in. The times I've struggled to collect water for mixing groundbait or even for washing my hands through out the day. Hanging over platforms, dangling over high banks on the river... Continue Reading →


Ever loaded a reel with line by sticking a pencil through the middle.

Pole Float Confusion?

Confused? It's not surprising with the vast array of pole floats out there to temped you, and if your like me you just can't help yourself. 'you can never have enough floats'. There are loads of ready-made rigs out there these day's many of which are really good the Middy X5 range are some of... Continue Reading →

Quick Fire FAQ's and Tips Do I need a rod licence? If you are aged 12 and above you will need a rod licence, available to purchase from the Post Office or online. Don't forget a rod licence does not entitle you to fish anywhere. Many waters are club / society controlled. Good Tackle shops... Continue Reading →

It's getting to that busy time of year with the sun out and longer day light hours more of us will be out on the banks, plus June see's that the start of river season which is all good. With the warmer weather and more anglers does bring it's problems. More so for commercial fisheries,... Continue Reading →

Micro pellets an anglers best friend. Whether your a match angler, specimen hunter or just a causal pleasure angler today's modern fisheries are hooked on pellets. Whether your using them as hook baits or lose feed, pellets should be apart of your bait armory. I myself use 2mm aka micros a lot on commercial type... Continue Reading →

Marukyu groundbaits especially the EFG range are well known for their two cups to one mixing ratios. So along comes the new Focus range and there's no mixing ratio. Has Marukyu gone away from this I here you ask. No far from it but there is a correct way to mix Focus Margin and the... Continue Reading →

Over the last few weeks I keep getting asked, "have you any sticky pellet mate" Err no sorry I just use Horlicks "Horlicks?" Yep I'm not sure what's going around in the media at the minute but I take it there's some new (old) thing about making pellets stick together. Here's my little tip that... Continue Reading →

An art that seem's to of been forgotten in the mists of time, but now with what seems to be turn back to the rivers these old tactics are making a come back. The pole feeder can be a deadly method on the Soar especially on the Sutton Bonington stretch through the winter months. With the depth... Continue Reading →

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