Local club waters

Looking for a local club?

Kegworth AS, gives you a lovely stretch of the Soar with 15 permanent pegs and a cracking mixed fishing lake with 23 permanent pegs. Amble parking with locked access. Read more about Kegworth AS

Long Eaton Victoria AS, gives you a good stretch of the Soar, Trent, Erewash Canal, Cranfleet Canal plus Grange & Fletchers ponds. www.levas.co.uk

Loughborough Soar AS gives you a massive stretch of the Soar from Kegworth through to Barrow on Soar, A printable map of Loughborough Soar Waters is a available here

You can now purchase Loughborough Soar AS season tickets and Day tickets direct from our web shop. E Day tickets can now be purchased while your on the bank and sent straight to you device.

Winter tickets available from 1st November

The Earl of Harrington’s AC, gives you a massive stretch of the Derwent, quite possibly the best Barbel waters in the midlands. There is also a number of Lakes as well  www.theearlofharringtonsac.co.uk

Earl of Harrington season tickets and Day tickets are now available direct from our web shop. You can even purchase E Day tickets while on the bank and sent direct to your device.

Long Eaton and District Angling Federation
Gives you River Soar to the south of Kegworth running down stream towards Ratcliffe. Ratcliffe Canal, Erewash Canal (Sandiacre to Long Eaton Locks) and Shardlow Ponds. Day tickets available for the river Soar at Kegworth and the Erewash canal.

If you’d like to pick our brains about the local rivers please feel free to give us a call, drop us an email or look us up on facebook or have a read of my blog much of which is from river Soar, better still why not call in for a brew and a chat.


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