Angling Coach

In 2015 Scott was awarded a first for sports qualification in Angling.

Working along side other angling coach’s and the Angling Trust I hope to pass on the joy of fishing to others both young and old.

The joy of being out in the great outdoors watching wild life in it’s natural environment is a big part of fishing for me. Competition or match fishing is another element of the sport I enjoy.

A few hours with an angling coach can help with the basic’s in the art of angling. Giving you help and guidance from selecting the right tackle and baits right through to putting them to use.

Angling is a fantastic hobby and sport that anyone can participate in, it’s no wonder why it is still the participating sport in the world.

You can find out lot’s more about Angling Coaches and other fishing event’s by visiting the Angling Trust. Find out about fishing event’s in your local area that all the family can be involved and lots more.


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