River Soar NHS Match

So fished the NHS charity match at Sutton Bonington, been handed peg 7 and the scales by Greg it was off up the playing fields for me. To be fare it’s not a bad walk and knowing there was loads of time there was no rush. With just the one obstacle to get over being the flood wall. Although I did come across Mr Perkins jammed in the foot bridge, not him personally but either his barrow is to wide or the bridge is to narrow 🤔Peg 7 is off to the left somewhere I’ve not fished for a long time. The river up this end is a lot different to Soar Lane. It’s a lot shallower and normally has a little more flow to it. A nice steady set up one 2 gram rig for laying on a 1.5gram for tripping bottom a 1gram hemp rig and shallow 0.75 gram hemp rig. All to be fished around 10 – 11mtr then one inside Perch at 5 mtr.I did set the feeder arm up but not the rod, seem to recall these pegs not fishing great to this method.Wind was blowing proper down the river with a bit of a chill to it, so much so when petchy came up for a chat he said “it’s bloody cold up here I’m going back” With Rob Perkins next to me was nice to catch up a bit as not seen him for ages, plus knowing he was there I knew I’d need to knuckle down at the whistle. All at 11:15 I cupped 6 balls of 50/50 mix of Boland Black Roach & Lake with plenty of hemp in them then two balls really crammed together with choppy inside them.Instead of going straight in I thought I’d have a quick brew and just see what was happening around me. The river is gin clear and by now the wind was really gusting and I could see others already struggling with it.Heavy rig on a good float length over depth I slipped a worm tail on the hook flicked out and not long after there was a Perch in the net. More Perch followed but of no stamp, some Roach and little Chub. I trashed my heavy rig and had to put another of the same on although it just didn’t seem to fish the same. You couldn’t seem to put a run of fish together, rotating different rigs and baits kept a few coming but it was slow. And by now the sun had got up to scorchieo level! Managed two Roach on hemp but I wasted to much time trying to flog that line. Seeing Rob catching a few I had to think big Perch so it was time to bring out the secret weapon. A drop in close with the Perch rig and it wasn’t long before I got that unmistakable Perch bite, a proper Perch at that get it! another small one followed. So I gave it a rest with 20 minutes to go I’d have 10 minutes on maggot at 10mtr for a few bleak then 10 minutes back on the Perch line a look at the cloak with 3 minutes to go I’d hooked another big Billie. A shout for full time I called down to Rob to say fish on, I’m not rushing this one and after a tug of war got it in the net!Well a pleasant walk back with Rob for a pint was called for. Massive well done to everyone with £510 raised for charity.Nick West for winning over all with over 6kilo Rob beat me by just over a kilo which put me 2nd in section but I won the section by default as Rob was in the framers.

A great day out and something we need to be doing more of.

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