The world of fishing floats can be rather confusing, especially when it comes to choosing the right one.

Useful Guides

Below you will be able to find and print off my useful guides. shot weight guideDownload pole float shotting guideDownload stick float shotting guideDownload

With no matches at the minute I went off down Soar lane for a few hours.

Two generations of Middy Tackles distance feeder rods, Side by side.

The river is gin clear and by now the wind was really gusting and I could see others already struggling with it

When We Can Fish Again

The Angling Trust has been working hard to loby the Government that when the 'time is right' that there could be some form of relaxing of restrictions on fishing. 

A hard league with the weather against you most of the time but hats off to the lads that set it up and run it, thank you Browning Central really enjoyed it.

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