Do your bit

It’s getting to that busy time of year with the sun out and longer day light hours more of us will be out on the banks, plus June see’s that the start of river season which is all good.

With the warmer weather and more anglers does bring it’s problems. More so for commercial fisheries, ponds and lakes. Oxygen levels will drop and the increase in angling pressure causes stress, plus we tend to move from one venue to another.

Well that’s what we do move from venue to venue so what’s the problem? We all use a net of some form whether Match angler or Carp angler, this includes landing nets keepnets unhooking mats cradles etc. They all come in to contact with the venues water vegetation and fingers crossed a fish or two. Every venue will have it’s own ecosystem which includes it’s own parasites and no to venues will be the same.

Our nets unhooking mats etc are there to help us anglers best look after the fish during landing nad returning our catch. But we can also be doing massive harm to every fish in that venue.


As a fishery owner myself I’ve seen the effects of a slight in balance in my venues ecosystem in the form of disease. How it was transferred I will never know could it of been an anglers net or bird life. I’m sure you will of heard of koi / carp herpes this just being one transferable nasty.

So where do I stand in all this how can I help I just going fishing?

Best and easiest thing all us anglers can do is looking after our nets and unhooking mats etc properly by cleaning them. You may think well I just put them in a stink bag and take them home then use the dip tank at the fishery to clean them. This is all well and good and you should follow the fishery rules and use a dip tank if they want you to. But in my view dip tanks are actually a waste of time. The solution needs to be changed very regularly for it to work properly and I’ve been to countless fisheries that it’s quite clear they’ve not changed their dip tank solution in a long time.

So lets a least do our bit plus it can help us to.

Starting with stink bag’s they are great for transferring your wet nets bag home but never just leave your nets in them. They will harvest bacteria on a massive scale, that’s what the smell is.

Once home wash your nets and or your unhooking mat weigh slings etc with your garden hose.Don’t us detergents though just clean water. Then hang every thing out to dry I use the wash line and sometimes one of our garden trees. image

Air drying and the UV in day light will help kill off all those nasties, I tend to leave mine out over night so they have a good 24 / 48 hr for mother nature to do her cleaning work. I’ll also clean my stink bag in the same way turning it in side out once hung up.

You’ll notice when you come to pack everything way again that horrible smell you get will either be completely gone or it will be barely noticeable. The added bonus to this no smell is its less attractive to the dread rodent problem.

So next time you’ve been out on the bank whether it be river canal lake pond or commercial please do your bit in keeping our fisheries healthy and wash and dry your all your nets unhooking mats etc ready for your next outing.

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