5 years old and bagging

Was school holidays and little man had been pestering me for sometime to going fishing, after all he’d been out pegging match sections and seen me off entering verious competitions all winter.

The weather wasn’t great but a careful watch of the forecast showed a window of two days at the end of the week when it wouldn’t be to cold and windy for him.

He wanted to fish the river but it would of been so hard going just to try and catch tiny roach that I knew we had to go somewhere with at least half a chance. So off to the Moat at Weston we went with the view to let him fish the whip in the margins.

How wrong was I

I adjusted my seat box so the footplate was as high as I could get it moved everything in and set about priming two swims to fish. I’d got the near swim started with a few telling knocks on the float it was over to Leon. I want to use your pole dad


Well ok after some thrashing about helping him get settled we’d pushed the fish further out than we wanted, to about 9mtr but Leon was getting the hang of holding the pole across his legs.img_3344

Swinging on 9mtr of pole at 5 years old he had his first fish on which turned out to be a dam good sized Perch. Once broken down he handled the pole prefectly guiding the fish in to the net.

Back out and it wasn’t long before he was in to some good skimmers, getting a little to confident he was trying to hold the pole and reaching for the landing net!

The wind started to get up and really gust making it really difficult to control the pole so we had call it a day.

Can we come back tomorrow dad?

We’ll see what the weather is like in the morning.

Day two

Same peg and the weather was almost a spring day bright and sunny not good for fishing really. I’d packed a block of wood for him to place on the foot plate to raise his legs a bit more in line for the pole.

We basically fished the same way all though we tried a small amount of groundbait with the hope of forcing things on a little faster.img_3343

As with the first day Perch was the order of the day followed by skimmers. The light was all wrong causing the pole to cast a shadow across the water like a sun dial. There were fish in the area then a few missed bites saw us breaking for something to eat. A hour gone by and the sun had moved causing the near by trees to cast shadows over the same area we where fishing, the prefect time to get back out on the pole.

A few pots of micros and I past the pole over to Leon which saw the float bury in to a nice carp. After a good scrap Leon managed to guide it in for me to net, good few pounds that fish. Shipping back out we managed another two good carp before the strain of the fish and swing about on the pole beat him and it was time to pack up for home.


A wind burnt Sunday at the Moat

After a cracking Sunday’s match on the 8th May beaten to top spot by 1oz might I add, I fancied going back to the venue again.

Sunday is generally my day off from the shop and I can often be found drowning maggots somewhere. After a cracking Sunday’s match on the 8th May beaten to top spot by 1oz might I add, I fancied going back to the venue again and after being pestered by littleman to go fishing me mind was made up.

It wasn’t the best of day’s cloudy with bright sun at intervals with a fairly brisk wind in our faces. You might say well that’s you’re own fault why didn’t you sit on the back of the wind, well there is a method in the madness for one it was a new wind if a cool one. The week before was a busy one on the fishery and other anglers were sat on the back of the wind and I could hear their noise so I’m sure the lakes residents must be hearing the same. I also wanted to try some new rigs id tied for just these sorts of conditions plus I’ve been asked to test some new baits for a major company so what better way to start a test in less than prefect conditions.image

The peg I choose id not fished before so after plumbing up two pole lines at 10mtrs I found a bit of a gully in about 5ft of water at about 10 to 12. Making a mental note of a far bank marker (a stantion on the far farm build) My second line was a little bit more to my left around 11 o’clock in 4ft of water a far bank marker was now an apple tree. Both rigs were set up using comic Nemo floats a 4×14 for the shallower rig and a .5g Nemo bulk shotted for the gully line. I do like these Nemo floats they’re just so versatile you can just about tie any rig pattern with them and they work perfectly. There’s some good lumps in the Moat Ide big Roach some lovely Carp and big dustbin lid Bream. So I balanced the rigs on a 4-8 Middy Hi-viz hollow elastic to Middy Lo-viz .14 (4.4lb) mainline to .12 (3.2lb) hook link a size 18 T83-13 hook finishing things off. I’ve every confidence in this set up as I know it’ll will handle carp to 6lb with ease but being light enough not to pull the hook out of small Roach.image

I’ll start off in the gully then move across to give it a rest if bites slow up, So two medium size pots of test pellets and casters I went in over the top with single red maggot I’ll also toss pot pellet and white maggot every putin thus keeping little and often feed going in.

The float barely settled before it slid away for a lovely Roach that must of been pushing a 1lb, as I say there’s some right clonkers in here. With first fish in the bag I rebaited the hook this time single white maggot and the same toss pot over the top. Followed another nice Roach a few Perch until all hell let lose I’d got littleman sat on my knee at this time, now if you’ve ever tried controlling 10mtrs of pole with a 4 yr old its not easy but I have to say I think it’s helped me with my pole control. Need to improve your pole control try balancing a child and a pole on your knee while baiting up and shipping out with a loaded toss pot with out tangling or dumping lose feed everywhere!

Anyway so the float lifted up instead of sailing away lifting in to it the elastic was straight out OH nice fish on, but I was to high with the pole tip with littleman on my knee plus he was fighting me as I was trying to get the pole down, bump bump ping! dam it! that felt like a nice fish. I potted three medium pots of caster out and had a cuppa of tea to let things settle again I could of gone across on the other line but I had to find out what had just got away.image

Back out this time double maggot, double maggot on an 18 hook is boarder line but these T83-13 have a nice size gape with a good strength wire. You’ll be surprised what you can haul in on them. As before a toss pot of pellets and white maggots over the top a short wait and the float was being knocked about, it’s still here I thought to myself. A very shy and slow indication on the float saw us in to a nice carp. The elastic doing its job giving me loads of control and stopping that first run, even down to the danger point of the top two and getting the landing net ready every lunge towards the reeds and safety was soaked up with loads of control. Bearing in mind this carp was easily 5lb plus on an 18 hook to .12 bottom getting things balanced can mean fishing with lighter rigs ultimately resulting in more fish through better presentation.

Another two medium pots of caster and saw another three Carp of around 4 – 5lb and a very greedy little Perch. Thought it time to have ago on my second line, bearing in mind I’ve not even feed this line I wasn’t expecting anything from it. A toss pot of test pellets mixed with their additive was tipped over a single white maggot hook bait. A short wait and we were in to another quality Roach after four or five of these littleman was wanting to go home but not before we had a go for one last big fish he said. Keeping to the same routine its wasn’t long before littlemans wish was granted a very spirited fighting carp of around 3lb was drawn over the rim of the landing net.image

A most pleasant few hours fishing was followed by at pint and a coke at the pub on the way home, Both of us glowing red faces from the wind.image

If you’ve never visited Weston Moat fishery at Weston on Trent it’s well worth a visit, Wayne and Vic will make you more than welcome.