A hard league with the weather against you most of the time but hats off to the lads that set it up and run it, thank you Browning Central really enjoyed it.


A recent visit to Middy Tackle to check out their new Reactacore poles

Then there's the anglers that seem to jump ship all the time still claiming what they're using is the best, 'but you said x was the best company last year'!. How can we believe what they say?.

A few of you will know that my 5 year old son Leon aka littleman has been on the bank with me for a few years now. And that it wasn't that long ago that he pinched my new pole and set about bagging up on a local water. A few trips up to Springwood... Continue Reading →

Was school holidays and little man had been pestering me for sometime to going fishing, after all he'd been out pegging match sections and seen me off entering verious competitions all winter. The weather wasn't great but a careful watch of the forecast showed a window of two days at the end of the week... Continue Reading →

Ever loaded a reel with line by sticking a pencil through the middle.

A few hours fishing at Springwood Fisheries in Derbyshire

These new Compacta method moulds from Middy Tackle are a cracking idea. Simply load with your chosen method mix press in your flat method feeder press the button on the top and its done. I hear some of you moaning yet another gimmick to catch the angler! But I have to disagree with you. Loads... Continue Reading →

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