Maggots how do you keep yours?

One question I always get asked in the shop is “How long can I keep these Maggots for and what’s the best way”

Interestingly enough there’s more to keeping maggots than meets the eye.

A lot of you will know Thursday is the when we get our delivery from the local maggot farm.
Its 6:30am start for me that morning so I can get as much prepped and ready as i can ready for opening at 9:30.

So how do the maggots come from the farm? Well grotty and horrible to put it simply.


The photo doesn’t do it justice really.

From here on there is lots of sieving and then riddling to be done to get rid off all the unwanted nasties. This leaves you with a pile of crud. (great for the compost heap)


Now we have some workable maggots but we’re still not finished with them yet though. What else can be done you may ask.
Well next job is to run them through some fine sawdust to further clean more muck and damp off of them. After a nice brew they’re ready to re sieve to remove the saw dust only now will they be ready for the fridge.


When you are looking after maggots at home the best tip I can give you is ‘don’t keep them in a maggot box or plastic bag’  keep them in as bigger tray possible with out a lid.
Even in a fridge they will sweat this is only made worse if there’s a lid on the box air holes or not. I’m sure you’ve gone to open your maggot box at some point to find a foamy mess. This is because they’ve been sweating like mad.
Find a plastic tray that’ll just fit in your fridge. The bigger the surface area the better as the maggots will cool easier if they’re not crammed together.
Remember no lid
Ask your local tackle shop if you could have some maize flour also find your self a fine mesh sieve. You can generally find large flour sieve’s from the likes of Wilkos really cheap.

If you intend of keeping your maggots for a while it’s best to sieve them through with maize everyday to keep them dry and as fresh as possible.

What about fridge temperature?
As cold as possible once they’ve been in there for roughly 12hrs they want to be just moving but not frozen.
Frozen deads we touch on another day.

But what if you don’t have a fridge?
The way you look after them is basically the same. Large tray no lid and keep them clean with maize flour.
Your not going to be able to keep them as cold so they won’t last as long. A cool concrete floor is best and in the dark.



An afternoon on Soar Lane

Grabbed a few hours on the river this afternoon. Thought I’d go against my normal tactic on Soar Lane and fish the pole.
Bleak bleak and more bleak even with a 1.5g float olivett shotted no chance, nail by the dam things as soon as it touched the water.
So throw that to one side break out the feeder rod and hay presto we started catching Roach & Skimmers.
Menu for the day Our own Roach & Skimmer groundbait our Hemp & Sweetcorn.
Great couple of hours 🙂




Marukyu on the river?

*** TOP TIP *** We’ve just had this in from Scott Johnson of Soar Tackle, Feed the passion Catch the dream – who has been playing about with the new Luxus Active groundbait. Scott told us: “Luxus Active is what I like to think of as a new ‘old school’ groundbait. “Whilst it smells of lovely crushed roasted hemp, it’s also full of the latest additives. “I use it both on stillwaters and got to test it last year on rivers. On stillwaters for balling or cupping it gives a nice active cloud through the water with lots of little hemp particles to draw fish in. “On the river it’s an amazing feeder mix very much like the old school explosive mixes – but with added pull. Roach and chub seem to go nuts for it. “By adding a touch of liquid caramel or brasem you can make the mix less active and for me this seems to work well for skimmers. Give it ago I’m sure you’ll be impressed.” Luxus Active is available now in 2kg bags at £5.99.
Marukyu UK's photo.
Marukyu UK's photo.
Marukyu UK's photo.