River Season open day

June the 16th arrives how we long to get back on the river’s. Seem like an age since March when they closed, but looking at the river Soar on the days running up to the magical date it’s going to be worth the wait.
Rich with life fish topping to catch flies



Marukyu on the river?

*** TOP TIP *** We’ve just had this in from Scott Johnson of Soar Tackle, Feed the passion Catch the dream – who has been playing about with the new Luxus Active groundbait. Scott told us: “Luxus Active is what I like to think of as a new ‘old school’ groundbait. “Whilst it smells of lovely crushed roasted hemp, it’s also full of the latest additives. “I use it both on stillwaters and got to test it last year on rivers. On stillwaters for balling or cupping it gives a nice active cloud through the water with lots of little hemp particles to draw fish in. “On the river it’s an amazing feeder mix very much like the old school explosive mixes – but with added pull. Roach and chub seem to go nuts for it. “By adding a touch of liquid caramel or brasem you can make the mix less active and for me this seems to work well for skimmers. Give it ago I’m sure you’ll be impressed.” Luxus Active is available now in 2kg bags at £5.99.
Marukyu UK's photo.
Marukyu UK's photo.
Marukyu UK's photo.