For the love of Floats

You can never have enough fishing floats
You can never have enough fishing floats!

The world of fishing floats can be rather confusing, especially when it comes to choosing the right one. And then there’s adding the right amount of shot, and what’s all this 4 BB for a 1.6 gram, both actually being the same float loading capacity.

Or what an earth does 4 x 16 mean? and how do I know what shot to use to shot a 0.51gram float properly.

It might be easy for me to say, but trust me once you’ve got your head around it you’ll be well away to greating your own rigs be them pole floats, wagglers or stick floats.

With any float set up you need to work out what you want the rig to achive (other than catching fish) What I’m talking about are the mechanincs of the rig, how if fishes through the water.

In to those mechanincs we need to also add in casting with a rod. A balance of enough weight to cast to the desired distance with is ease but also correctly weighted to give the best possible bait presentation. A light flick of the rod should be all that is needed, the sound of a swooshing rod and the float going no further than the rod is long is not the way to go!.

So where to start how do you decide? Well keeping things simple is best. Ask yourself what fishing are you doing, are you fishing a commercial style day ticket water with a float rod and line or a pole. Are you going to be float fishing on a canal or river with a rod or pole. From here we can start to break things down in to something far more easier to learn and apply on the bank.

Being such a huge subject I have split things down to three different float topics, The Waggler the Pole Float and the Stick float.

With in those topics you’ll find some basics of what the float is best used for how the machanics of the float works as well as a shotting guide that you can print off and put in your fish kit. I’ve also added links to short Youtube videos that hopefully will add a visual for you to follow.

Coming soon my guides to help you get the most out of your floats.

The Waggler

The Pole Float

The Stick Float

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