Charnwood League Round 4

So it was the 4th Round of the Charnwood league today fishing for the Boland Colmic Soar Team. The draw was done the day before handing me peg 8 on Sutton Bonington Playing fields.Was actually nice to just go straight to my peg in the morning. Though do miss having breakfast with everyone. Well peg 8 not the best so a team points day was the only plan. The wind OMG 😱 the wind, have to admit I proper struggle fishing in the wind. To add to that the river was carry extra water and pushing through. I’d brought everything and the kitchen sink, setting up a Bolo rod Feeder rod flat float a running on rig perch rig and a pole feeder.Keeping things short I balled it at around 10 Mt, with view of fishing the feeder around 14 mt.With a strong down stream wind the power of the flow was quite deceiving, the running on float was running far to fast but I did get indications that fish were there.In the end the flat float proved best. All though it was to small really, but was all I had. A 6g Colmic Keel but over shotted to 7g. Next problem was actually connecting with bites, the wind pressure on the pole made it really hard. I lost and bumped a good number of with due to bad hook holds.A hard day on a very tight section with only Oz’s separating most of us.Seventh on section beat the pegs either side of me so happy with that. Although those dropped fish have cost me big time ☹️

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