When We Can Fish Again

Since April any form of pleasure angling has been banned from daily life due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

But all is not lost, The Angling Trust has been working hard to loby the Government that when the ‘time is right’ that there could be some form of relaxing of restrictions on fishing.  For more information on this please look across at the Angling Trust web site. When We Can Fish Again

Where due you think we might be able to fish if restritions are lifted on fishing?

This will depend on when really, We are currently in the annual closed season until June 16th. All rivers closed, you may also find some still waters and canals follow the closed season rules too.

Once we know more as to how and when restrictions might be lifted on fishing I will post a list of possible places to go and fish.

In the mean time things you can do:

  1. Make sure your rod licence is up todate renew through the Gov.uk website
  2. Join the Angling Trust and help support the future of our sport
  3. Nows the ideal time to sort through your fishing gear

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