Sneaky peek at Middy’s new Reactacore poles

Now I’ve been using one of Middy’s poles for a few of year’s now, this being the XM10-2. For the fishing I do I’ve found it more than ample for the job in hand, being robust enough for the riggers of being thrown about on canal tow paths and up steep river banks. The parts are are cheap meaning having multiple top kits no’4 & no’5 sections doesn’t break the bank nor get me into to much trouble with the wife!.

So on a recent visit to Middy HQ I was really looking forward to get my hands on their new updated range of Nanocore now ‘Reactacore’ poles.img_1203

Having the questions in my head, like are they really updated using new tech’ or are they just a face lift with new graphics and optional extras to make us part with our money?

On first look I have to say the new graphics do look nice but looking good doesn’t help you catch fish, or does it? seeing all that bling on the banks these day’s it does make you question do fish prefer blinged up kit!.

Picking up the new XR8-3 I do have an idea of what the Nanocore version was like having used one and sold a few. Hmmm actually yes it does feel more responsive and straighter than what I remember, at its base size of 10 mtr. Even adding the 1.5 mtr extension giving 11.5 mtr it didn’t feel to unbalanced, adding the safe-zone dolly butt added a bit of extra weight to the back end thus aiding the balance front to back. All in all this is still a very good entry level pole and with the added tweeks it is definitely enhancement on the XR8 Nanocore.



Next up the new version of my XM10 the revised being the XM10-3 Reactacore. Now I use mine a lot and know exactly how it feels and handles, so this should be the real test to whether this is a true up date or just a face lift.

Am I impressed or what! this is more than just new graphics. At 10 mtr the pole feels more balanced than before. Pushing the pole up to 11.5 and 13 mtr the new ‘Spine aligner and Maximus wraped’ joints definitely make a difference to how straight and reactive the pole is even at its maximum length.

Middy XM10-3 Reactacore
Middy XM10-3 Reactacore pole

The 4th and 5th sections now have EVA domed tops on them to help with shipping. A very impressive upgrade and don’t forget this is a pole cost’s under £400!.

The guy’s at Middy were keen for me to try out their new Xi20 pole. This they say fills the gap between the Xt15 and the Xp35, And boy does it fill it with big shoes!

To be honest save up a the extra monies and buy yourself an Xi20 Reactacore not that the new Xt15 is a bad pole.



With a balance ratio of 35.0n at 13m weighing in at 980g this is a proper nice pole at well under a grand. The reaction in the middle of the pole even at it full length of 14mtr is just great. Bouncing the pole there was very little slapping about and it recovered very quickly which stops the tip flicking about. Some poles you almost get a shock wave that travels down it from your knee to the top kit which inevitably means your rig gets tangled.

As with the Xm10 the the Xi20 has a Spineline system, dome top EVA tops on the 4th and 5th sections and many other enhanced features.

Going through the rest of the range these being Xp35 Xk55 and Middy’s flag ship pole Xz65. I can honestly say they are all tweeked and improved on, Middy has used new tech and not just new stickers. So if your looking at a new pole whether your on a tight budget or not check the Reactacore range out.

Reactacore kits & Extras

Along with up dating the poles Middy has been busy updating the top kits and extras for the range. And guest what they’ll fit your old Nano core generation poles as well. But will my old top kits etc fit the new? yep they do across the whole range Middy has kept the mandrel size the same. So old to new and new to old fits. ‘Happy day’s’

So what is there then?

Along with standard kits which include

New extras include

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