Junior’s on the Canal

For a few weeks Leon has been pestering me about him fishing with the Colmic Soar team.

And after a walk along one of their recent canal matches plus watching the Angling Trust Canal Juniors Match he was wanting to take a day off school to practice!.

As luck would have it half term was only days away and the school was closed for an inset day on the Friday.

This was his chance to have a quick practice in readiness for Sunday’s match.

Off we went to Zouch canal for what would be a couple of hours at best.

Fishing peg 7 as this was going to be his age soon, the wind was a bit of a mare but he managed to put a fare few fish in the net in just over an hour.

Sunday morning Leon was up early and itching to go. A look at the weather and I really wasn’t sure if he would stick it out, what would be 7 hrs out on the bank.

At the draw he wanted to pay his pools just like the lads do so I left him to it. Drawing himself peg 9 which put him up near the pub.

Come on Dad let’s get going I want to get set up!

Picking which lines he wanted to fish I helped him set up his rigs and plumbed up for him.  Line it up with the leg on that chair Dad and the middle line in line with the white thing (Boat mooring).  Not so easy when the seat box is set up for a 6 year old and your knees are in your face!

Anyway, two lines set up far bank and down the track, I did suggest that it might be an idea to fish the track first before the boats start too much.

Groundbait was mixed up, a simple mix of Match Pro Canal and mole hill.  Plenty of smell, but no real feed content.  Hook baits would be Squats, Pinkies, Maggots and worm.

“We’re ready before anyone else can I go and see Scottie and Don?” So off he went with his cup of hot juice for a check on what the others were doing.

Back at his peg there was a few minutes wait before the all in at 10 am.

With a little bit of help two small balls of groundbait and choppy were cupped in down the track.

Pinkie on the hook the rig was lowered in really slowly and it just kept on going down, first fish in the net.

Back out with a few squats sprayed across the top of the float and number 2 was swinging it’s way in.

In the rush to get back out for the next fish he bounced the pole causing the rig to tangle.  While I was untangling he saw Chris in the next peg catching, no hurry up we’ll loose!  Don’t worry you’ll be fine.

Back in and another fish followed, but a boat past through and the bites stopped so it was over to the far line.  Again two small balls cupped in and a spray of squats over the top, pinkie on the hook again and the float soon buried.

A few Perch quickly followed, I think a change of rig is in order and see if you can bag a big Perch Leon.  So fetching out another top kit a Perch rig was put on, with this top kit laid next to the other we could easily set the depth up without the hassle of re-plumbing.  Adding half a float of depth on a slightly bigger hook was added so a lobby tail would fit nicely.

Leon swung the rig out and laid it in the water like a pro, ” you’ll need to wait a little longer for a bite now, and watch the float for it bobbing”.  Next thing I knew he was trying to swing a big Perch in! ” Hang on! No! Don’t swing that in!” as I gabbed for the landing net!  What you trying to do give me a heart attack that’s a match winner there?!!

Back out on the worm tipped with a pinkie this time a short flurry of smaller Perch came before things started slowing down.  Looking up and down the canal it looked much the same for everyone, hopefully he’d done enough to compete with the others.  The last hour was spent rotating three lines trying to buy a bite but nothing.

The 3 pm whistle sounded the end of the match, and while I started packing up Leon was off to see what he could find out from Chris in the next peg.  All packed up it was off down to the first peg to follow the weigh in.

Leon’s turn to weigh in and putting 3lb 1oz on the scales saw a few open mouths in the team and the,

‘I’ve just had my arse kicked by a 6 year old’

Walking the rest of the weigh in it turned out Leon had a very respectable 3rd.

Well done littleman

Swingbridge next.

Big thank you to everyone with in the Colmic to team for making Leon so welcome.

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