River’s closed but the Sun’s out!

Finally the Sun is out, but where to go to satisfy that fishing itch while the rivers are still closed?

Well there’s plenty of places locally that you can fish on a day ticket, so where would I recommend?

Zouch canal is worth a visit, fishing from the tow path side the controlling club is Loughborough Soar AS. Tickets are £5 which need to be purchased either from our shop or you can get an E Ticket on your smart phone. LSAS E-ticket.

Zouch canal has a good head of fish, with the best areas starting from opposite the first house up to the old stone bridge. Baits are easy being maggots, casters and worms a fine dark ground bait like Match pro canal or Van Den Eyde special will help draw fish in to your swim. With a depth of around 3ft small and light floats are best. Pole float in sizes 4×12 should be fine or if your fishing rod and line a part loaded waggler of about 0.5g loading plus 3 no4 should be fine but I would change the no 4 shot for no 8’s and fish them strung out.

The canal can get a bit of flow on it when the lock gates are open and closed. If there is a fare bit of boat traffic you will find bigger float sizes will help. Its important not to lose feed while there is flow on the canal, wait for the flow to stop before lose feeding.

Target fish, Roach, Skimmers, Perch and Bleak. Best times are when there’s some colour to the water.


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