Marukyu Amino Plus

So some weeks ago Roy Marlow called in the shop, not that this unusual as he often calls by for a Brew.

I need you to check something out for me Scott.

“Err yeah no worries what we got”

From a stuffy bag Roy brings out a mixture of bottles and pump spray bottles with project names on them that I’m sworn not to mention.

After messing about with some pellets and PVA bag plus stinking the shop out I selected two flavours to take out on the bank with me. These being now known as Amino Plus The One and Umami.

With the shop being busy my time on the bank can be very limited so I tend to grab last minute I’m off sessions.

So a late April afternoon it was hot and no wind, I’d got 3  hrs 4 at a push max this included getting there and setting up. What to do I had to go and get my angling fix, no time to call at the shop so quick rummage around I put together a few pellets some EFG 131 Groundbait and some black and red JPz pellets.

Bit out of my comfort zone having no maggots I thought what better way to test myself and this new wonder bait spray from Marukyu.

So off down to the local club lake it was, bearing in mind this was a rush session I just grabbed my holdall not thinking what was in it.

 A quick look at the lake I could see loads of carp up in the water plus plenty of what looked like Roach. I found a peg with plenty of pads both in front and to the sides of me in hope that fish will be hanging around these for shade and cover.

Right then not much time left how do I tackle this? Up in the water me thinks. ‘Wrong’ no pole and no pellet float rod Duh should of checked the rod bag. Choice was either a light weight match float rod or feeder rod hmmm if I get anything of any size I’ve no hope of controling them away from the pads with the float rod, Feeder it is then. Now I love feeder fishing but come on its hot the fish are up in the water chilling in the sun and I’m going to present a bait on the deck at least 4 foot away from them. Talk about really putting myself in the spot.

This Amino plus better be good. I need an active mix for the feeder to hopefully draw fish down to my hook bait. Thankfully the groundbait I had with me was EFG 131, very little feed content but it gives off loads of little particles.

 Feeder choice was a Middy shotgun feeder. My idea being is with a firm squeeze of groundbait it would release more slowly thus giving of a longer period off attraction. A short hook link also meant that as the shotgun feeder released that fish attracting cloud would be as near as dam it over my hook bait.

After some faffing about I finally got settled, I hate rushing to set up. With a 6mm pellet banded on (Middy band ’em’s) . After few put ins I could clearly see feed bubbles coming up around the area but no signs of any interest in the plain pellet even though these fish are fed on the same pellets. So in a way my plan was working the groundbait had got them off the top for a munch.

Now for a spray of Amino Plus on the bait I reached over for the The Umami first. Now I quite like this one as it’s got a beefy curry smell to it, Curried baits be it maggots meats etc is something I’ve always used so this gave me some confidence. Back out again nicely feathered now as to not spook any fish near by. Then as you do I turned away for a split second and bang the rod was about ripped off the rest. It completely though me I wasn’t expecting a take like that. It taw off towards the lillies on the farside then round it came towards me. Bump bump Off it came ‘bollox’ that’s not good, swim is going to be spooked big time after that dam it.

Refilled the feeder new pellet on quick spray with Umami and a flick out to my right this time. I must be ready this time, with in minutes bang another really savage take saw me standing up on my foot plate trying to stop what ever it was from getting in the lillies again. ‘Got the best of you’ Turned and in the net good job that man.

My time by now was fast running out with only really enough time to pack up get home an try an explain to my boy why id been fishing with him!

So conclusion. Did the Umami make a difference? in such a small amount of time its hard to give an 100% yes. But in truth i really do think it did, yes I got fish clearly feeding on my spot in a very short time frame on what was really the completely the wrong tactics (or was it) The fish in my local club water are fed on the pellets I was using so I know they readily take them. But the rod tip didn’t go round until id treated the hook bait with Umami, and it didn’t just pull round it banged round! The second take was the same but on a spot that id not primed.

I know and I have spoken to others that have tested the new Amino Plus spray’s and they agree there’s with out question an edge to using them and the takes are normally savage.

All can say now is when its out get some.

Come June the 16th i’ll be out on the rivers where i’ll be really giving it a good testing. Where i think The One will come it to it’s own for Skimmers.


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