I’m Coming back to fishing what’s all this new stuff?

“I’m coming back to fishing” is something I hear a fair bit, not that this is a bad thing far from it.

I think we all have a period of time in our busy lives when hours sat on the bank has to be put on the back burner.  Work commitments, getting married, starting a family are just a few things that changes our lives.

“I’ve not been fishing for a good 10 years and it all seems to of changed” – is another thing I hear a lot.  In truth it’s not really changed the fish still feed the same and on the same old baits.

“But I see all this fancy stuff and read you’ve got to do this and that!” It’s mostly hype designed to catch the angler not the fish. Yes, there’s loads of things out there that make the anglers life that bit easier but there is no wonder bait nor any wonder set up as the media would have you believe.

“Everyone seems to be using these massive poles that touch the other bank as well they never had poles when I was fishing”.  Well poles have actually been around long before the rod and line, but that’s another story.  They are a very useful tool with the advance in modern carbons, but if your used to using a rod and like it I’d stick with that.

The chances are that if your fishing kit is no more than 20 years old, it’ll be fine for most modern fisheries. The few things to check are landing nets and keepnets as these will need to be fishery approved nets, but not expensive to replace to bring you up to current standards. We can help advise you on what best fits your budget and to where your fishing.

I’d replace your reel lines with new modern lines, as well as any hooks and shot.  A lot fisheries will now stipulate barbless only hooks, if you’re not sure on tying your own modern pre tied hooks to nylon are very good and available in many patterns.  However, you can still tie your own whether they be spade end or eye’d.

New modern lines can be a bit confusing as they’re sized in diameters as opposed to breaking strains.  Somewhere on the packet the size in breaking strain should be still on there.  The reason behind this is that modern lines give a higher breaking strain at lower (thinner) diameters than traditional lines.  For instance a 6 lb traditional line like Maxima has a dia of 0.22mm where as a new Middy Lo-Viz line in 6 lb has a dia of 0.18mm.  So effectively you could go to 10 lb breaking strain on the Middy line and be at the same dia as the 6 lb Maxima.


Don’t be keep it simple, keep modern low dia or pre stretched lines as hook length lines or pole lines only, and use more traditional lines like Maxima chameleon as your main line.

Things like floats and feeders are still much the same other than new designs.

So as you can see once you’ve scratched away the new glossy modern exterior all is much the same as it was all those years ago.

You may well need to update a few items but that’s all.  Stick to what you know and whats comfortable for you and once you get back in to it then look at up grading kit.

New rods and reels are a world away from what we had 20 years ago.

But remember its not the rod that catches the fish, its you the angler!

Tight lines


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